Basic rules:

1. Only persons over 18 years of age may participate in the action.
2. At the time of registration, each player shall indicate the date of birth, which will be checked before the action.
3. Before entering the field, each player will sign a statement confirming that he has fully understood the rules.
4. The organisers shall not assume any liability for injuries or damage to property.
5. Each player will respect the laws in force in the territory of the Slovak Republic.
6. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances during the action.
7. Before the event, it will be determined what type of pyrotechnics may be used in the scenario!
8. It's forbidden to carry weapons other than airsofts on a mission!
9. An injured player who is presumed dead is strictly forbidden to inform his teammates of the enemy's positions in any other way.
10. Every player must wear goggles while moving in the game zone!
11. In the event that a player violates the rules or behaves in a non-sporting manner, he / she will be alerted, or removed from the game without the benefit of an entry fee, depending on the seriousness of the offence! This player's playing side will be penalised in the final review!!
12. Every player after a hit is required to pull out a reflex vest and visibly put it on! During a late-night game, raise a red chemical light over your head.
13. A ban on setting fires outside the designated cities.
14. Important markings:
- Green reflex vest: Organizer, photographer, cameraman,..I'm sorry.
- ORANGE REFLECTIVE VEST: Every player affected
- Red chemical light: Any player hit
- A green chemical light: Organizer, photographer, cameraman,..I'm sorry.
Blue chemical light: Warning light indicating danger (shafts, rods,..I'm sorry.) These colour labels are strictly prohibited from shooting!
15. Hidden referee: Before the start of the game, players who receive a card from the organiser shall be selected on both sides of the game, where their rights and obligations will be specified.
16. Each player on registration becomes their ID card with a nickname and a game fraction where they can place their photo. This card, when called upon by the MP, must be shown at the entrance to the base, through the border, at the entrance to the gaming village. If the player loses this card, another faction may use it for its own purposes.
Weapons, magazines, night vision, thermal imaging, drones and pyrotechnics:
1. In the game it is permitted to use only push-buttons!
2. Weapons of the machine gun type (RPK, M60, MG36, M249) are also permitted to have accurate magazines. Machine guns are not considered AK-47s, MP5s, M4s... with drums!
3. The grenade launcher is authorized, but the minimum firing range is 10 meters.
4. A sniper rifle is a weapon that needs to be manually pulled after each shot. The sniper rifle is not a weapon of type M16 with optics, etc., but only the original sniper weapon (SVD Dragunov, L96, BAR / vsr 10,...).
5. A weapon of the type DMR shall be considered to be one which:
: Only has Semi and SAFE mode
: The weapon must have a rifle sight, a two-pronged (not a collimator)
: The weapon should be of the DMR type e.g. M14, AS Val, FN SCAR H, SR25,..I'm sorry.
: An AK or M4 may also be considered a DMR weapon but after the necessary modifications (extended barrel, scope, Semi, SAFE Mode,..I'm sorry.
6. At the time of registration, each player shall indicate a maximum of two primary weapons and one secondary weapon that he intends to use in the game and shall subsequently be measured and marked according to the Joule limits.
7. During the game, the player may carry one primary and one secondary weapon of his choice (which he also stated at the time of registration).
8. Pyrotechnics are prohibited - use authorised only by the organiser.
9. It shall be prohibited to use triggering devices which contain pyrotechnic elements and stretched cylinders!
10. Each player is responsible for his own weapon and for his own security features, in the event of any breach of the rules endangering the health of other players, the player who has broken the rules will be banned from the game!
11. If the weapon is tampered with, the weapon becomes inoperable. The player can continue to fight, but without using this weapon. The weapon becomes operational after five minutes at the base.
12. Night vision and thermal imaging can be used by players at their own risk. In case of loss or damage, the organiser bears no liability
13. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles may only be used by gamblers if this equipment is indicated in a note at the time of registration. Use is restricted only after approval by the head of the faction. It is strictly forbidden to destroy or damage such equipment. In the event of loss or damage, the organiser shall bear no liability.
14. TagINN grenades for grenade launchers are only permitted with colour-coded powder cartridges and may only be used on so-called 'rocket-propelled' vehicles. Not V3S techs. Other tagiin grenades are prohibited for use
The 15th is allowed to use grenades only GreenGas, CO2, Mechanical. These grenades have a radius of 20 feet from impact. In the event of any obstacle for which the player hides the hit, the penalty shall not apply but the player shall be covered by 10 seconds after the explosion. Pyro grenades are prohibited.
16. Every player is obliged to follow the instructions of the head of the faction!