Mission: Border

... the story of two countries that disagreed...

Welcome to Africa! The story will take us to the fictional countries of Alfaland and Bravoland. These two countries have only one thing in common, and that is the border. Bravoland is a dictatorial country ruled by a dictator of Mubute. Are the citizens of this country happy with his government, or rather, a cruel government? It is, on the whole, a rich country that has a lot of mineral resources and uses them for its own benefit, whether by producing humanitarian aid or by selling them to its partners. ADASAN is the capital of the country and is also the airport of Admiral General Mubutu. In the main town of Adasan there is a hospital, a market, a mechanic, a villa and many others. The country of Bravoland has its own army, G.D.M. (Guard of the dictator Mubutu). This army guards the borders, protects the country, arrests rebels and smugglers. Its neighbouring country, Alfaland, is a democratic republic and belongs to a small group of states. Alfaland is a country that wants to free the citizens of Bravoland from the bloodthirsty dictator of MUBUT. In addition, it has a taste for raw materials in Bravoland. He wants to destroy the dictator and take control of the country. How's it all gonna work out? Come and see!


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