We are an airsoft team founded in 2011. In 2016, we completely restructured and decided to start doing airsoft differently.
Over time, we began to unify our armaments and equipment. In 2017-2019, we organised a series of airsoft actions called Alfaland. Between 2019 and 2021, we began to focus on the one-day VIPs. We invited our certified airsoft teams from all over Slovakia to the event, where we prepared special rules, scenarios and pitfalls for them. But we have long wanted to organise a 'big' event in Slovakia. And so began the preparations for the new three-day meal..Hranica.


We like to do things that make sense. The bigger ones include, for example, our favorite series Redproblems, Blue Valley, BorderWar. Of course, we also like to visit small "local events" on the playground, such as: Yabloons, pupil, Zbyňov, Combat area Zvolen. We go and test the playgrounds throughout western and central Slovakia. As long as you're organizing some Igros and we weren't there, feel free to contact us. We'd love to come.


Since we have members from all over the SR, we decided to set up branches in the district cities.
Alpha Detachment is located in Partisanske. Its main purpose is to provide headquarters and to defend the HQ.
Bravo Detachment is located in Žilina. His specialty is recon of the area and ambushes.
Charlie Detachment is in the Námestovo. His specialty is CQB and combat in built-up areas.
The Zulu Detachment is located in Bratislava. Its composition is mainly snipers.


2020-2021 we shot small mini-shows on youtube. These miniseries were supposed to be for new people to navigate the airsoft world, but these series were quite time-consuming and expensive, so we decided to put them off indefinitely. You can still watch this mini-show on our YTB channel.
2021 - now, we've decided to organize training sessions. We call this ATC training project and it's open to anyone who wants to join us for training. These trainings last two to three days more depending on the intensity.
2021 - now, we participate in large and small events where we provide leadership to the faction. For example: Behind enemy lines, Warcounty, Battle of Israel et al.